OuR Vision 

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The UK Fire & Rescue Service support network for sexual and/or gender self identity.

Our TagLine

​Welcome to the LGA Inclusive Group!!!

We are proud to announce the inclusion of another partner into our expanding consortium. 

quiltbag have been engaging with many members of the Fire and Rescue Service Nationally, through FOA, RFU and FF charity.

As we continue to take the lead role in the Public Service Consortium (which also includes some partners from the wider sectors), this MoU reflects and supports even further the relationships we have already developed with MoU’s and are continuing to develop to improve inclusion jointly across our organisations

Safer and healthier communities across the UK where everyone recognises the Fire and Rescue Service brand as truly inclusive and enabling to being themselves, without fear.

‘inside and out’ The tag line represents the belief that inclusion is central to everything that every                   member sees, hears, thinks, feels and senses every day throughout every aspect of their professional and personal lives, in the workplace and community environments. It represents the belief that inclusiveness is at the core of UK Fire and Rescue Service DNA and is something we all aspire to embrace.

Proud to work with other public sector LGBTQI+ networks across the UK 


Making workplaces and communities healthier, safer and more inclusive.