​ "This section of our website aims to assist you in understanding the characteristics associated with the globally adopted term quiltbag; we have also included many more that are emerging as individuals are starting to find safe spaces within society to self- identify.

​        At   qu        we emphasise the support of all self-identities of sexual and/or gender identity.
 We do not tell anyone how they should identify; it’s their life, their personal choice and their identity. These are choices we should all respect.

 We encourage the development of safe environments so mature and open conversations can take place about anyone’s sexual and/or gender identity; these conversations are important so we do not use language out of context and in an offensive way, if we do make mistakes that’s ok, it’s all part of how we learn so we can improve our understanding” 

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quiltba g is a universally recognised

 acronym which stands for:

Before people find an identity that helps them to understand their sexual and/or gender identity, they often feel broken and alone. Fortunately modern society is experiencing an increase in individuals self-identifying in sexual, gender and romantic identities that exist beyond more commonly known and discussed orientations and identities like heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual and transgender. In fact, some people may not even know that a person can be romantically, as well as sexually, oriented.

In understanding identities and attractions, it is important to remember that orientation and attraction do not necessarily define or predict behaviour. This is another important reason why it is important to ask people how they identify, as you cannot assume you know someone’s identity based on their behaviour. This also means that you cannot assume what types of relationships or behavior a person will engage in simply by knowing how they identify.

So if you want to learn more and expand your mind about people and the world we live in then read on.