​   Product Recalls
 The average success rate of an electrical product  recall in the UK is just 10-20%. This means there  are potentially millions of recalled electrical  items still in UK homes. As most of these products  have been recalled because they offer a risk of  electric shock or electrical fire, they present a  serious risk.

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 Government statistics show that electricity causes more than 20,000 fires a year - almost half of all accidental UK house fires.  Each year, about 70 people are killed and 350,000 are seriously injured due to an electrical accident in the home.

 Modern living has meant we use more and more electrical appliances in the home. For instance, just 20 years ago the average  UK home had a hi-fi system and one TV or video, whereas today it is more likely that there are at least two TVs, a DVD player,

 a satellite receiver, games console, microwave and computer. So the risk of electrical accidents in the home is much higher  than before. (Click here to read more on the "is your home safe section of electrical safety first website)

 Charley Says
 The nation’s favourite safety film has  been brought back to life! 

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 Welcome to our Electrical Safety page        here we will provide you with information on  how to be safe in the home when using electrical equipment. 

​ Why is Electrical Safety important? 

 Electricity can kill. It is now the major cause of accidental fires

 in UK homes. We have used the Electrical Safety First website

 for our information - (click here to visit their website). 


 Use a registered electrician
 Electrical Safety First strongly recommends that, wherever you  live, you use an electrician registered with one of the  government-approved schemes to do any electrical installation  work that you need.

 Registered electricians work to the UK national safety standard  (BS 7671) and will give you a safety certificate to confirm that  their work has been designed, inspected and tested in line with  that standard.

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