​ Buying a hot drink could make someone who is alone, feel included in a society  where  they may feel has excluded them, change someones world with a cup of  kindness.

 There are some organisations which have a free coffee board, where you can buy  a  drink and homeless people can come in and have one when they need one.  

 Some of the coffee shops will only charge you half price, so you could buy 2! This  is really is about so much more than a hot drink, this can provide physical comfort,  conversation, a smile or even a laugh, and a sense of belonging and the sense that  humanity is alive and well and we do care about one another. 

 Make your cuppa if its a cup of tea - full of inclusiveitea. 

 In line with many organisations National Campaigns run this year, buy a homeless  person a hot drink. 

 Many of you will be out shopping over the festive period in towns and cities, so why  not pop into a coffee shop and buy an extra hot drink for a homeless person, it might  be the only one they have all day.