•  Catch up over a cuppa if you are having a coffee morning with some friends, why not ask them a neighbour around or just pop in a pack of  biscuits for them?
  •  If you are having some people around or a games night, why not invite your neighbour for a game of Monopoly or Cluedo?​
  •  Casserole club A great idea and so easy to do! Next time you are preparing a casserole, add some extra ingredients to make some more and take a portion round to a neighbour, especially an older person. It’s a gesture they might really appreciate and ensure they get a  wholesome, nutritious meal.
  • Lay an extra place at the table and why not invite a neighbour round to share a meal with you and your family?
  • Shopping can stressful at the best of times so imagine how worrying it might be for an  older person. Why not suggest that you them shopping? It could be as simple as a lift in to town or helping them to find  and buy presents or picking something up for them.
  • Could you help a neighbour check their smoke detector and plenty of food in stock. Why not offer your services?​​

 We all know we lead very hectic lives, but the winter can be an exceptionally lonely  time for many  people, especially older people and those who find themselves without  friends or family for many reasons.

 In this section we provide some ideas on how to help and watch out for people in your  community who might be on their own this winter.