"I was told I could attend work in my male or female role with no restrictions both identities being recognised formally"  

"I am still obviously extremely proud of the vocation I have chosen, and the uniform I wear. I will use this experience to bolster my resolve in challenging unacceptable behaviour and keeping our communities safe and included"​​​

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"Transitioning can be a difficult, but if led appropriately, rewarding time for both the individual and the organisation. The focus of my transition tended to be only with the organisation and me. It should have been essential that my partner was included at all times and offered support from the service"

In this section we have a series of real life case studies where people have written about their experiences. We would like to thank all of our case study authors as the learning from our experiences is so important. 

Our case studies are both positive and show good practice can be used, but they also identify where we have opportunities to learn and improve in the future. 

If you have a real life experience which you would like to contribute as a case study which could help others learn, please contact us, our details are in the contact us section of the website.

Real life case studies

Proud but ashamed

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I protect our ​communities


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